Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting the Truth to Americans

January 6, 2008

Today in America there are only two parties, you probably think their names are Republican and Democratic. Wrong. The names that correctly describe those parties are Corporate and Ron Paul. We'll tell you how that happened a little later.

We want you to know, up front, why this forum was assembled. There has been a consistent attempt to 'frame' the dialogue on politics as if the electoral system, and our government, was not controlled by corporations through their control of those in government.

It is and it explains a lot.

Here you get the truth about all of the candidates. With Ron Paul that was easy. With the rest of them it was not all that hard, when all is said and done. We just had to turn down the volume, what they say, and focus on what the publicly available, official record tells us. When you understand it is painfully clear. It will be so clear you will be furious.

Why the candidates are running.

This shows you how their political careers have profited them. Running for office is a better bet for grabbing the gold ring than winning the lottery. Nearly all newly elected Congressmen, poor when they take office, are rich when they leave. Think of the presidency as the biggest lottery of all.

Who is bidding on their 'contract.'

If you own the president you get special treatment, and we do not mean a night in the Lincoln Bedroom. Corporations want to make sure that their 'special needs' will be taken care of.

What candidates will do to be 'the one.'

Lie, lie some more. Learn to lie with a straight face. It takes practice but when you look over this list of, said this, did that, examples for each of them you will see how good their tutorials for two-face talk really were. Each candidate, if elected, would take foreseeable actions to benefit their new employer. Americans need to know what to expect.